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In an article titled "Why You Should Look Outside Your Industry For Fresh Ideas," Rob Ristagno wrote, "Without the pressures of adhering to industry standards, you're afforded a freedom to innovate. It's for this very reason that looking beyond your field may allow you to solve problems that stumped you before." For us, it's a full creative process to formulate an ingredient blend for our projects, so we foster creativity in our workplace. Creativity is essential, because it is known to be the foundation for innovation.

We encourage your R&D bench testing. Sample & Formula Requests

About Us

The Equichem Food Lab was instituted to better serve your R&D requests; to get you the samples and formulas needed for your lab.  Since 1980, we have been formulating and manufacturing food ingredients, enzyme blends and nutritional premixes for the flour milling, baking and beverage industries.  We are with your project from bench top to manufacturing; from trial runs to full product launch and are nimble to meet the demands of your project.   It is our pleasure to be a part of the food supply of the world.  - @Equichem  



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